A convenient and simplified savings plan to help you achieve big things.

The 52 Week Savings Challenge is an annual campaign to help our clients achieve their savings targets conveniently using our ground breaking approach (explained in 5 simple steps below)

Step One

Get started by creating an account

You’ve made the decision to try the 52 Week Savings Challenge. That’s awesome. Get started by registering an account. An account gives you access to monitor your contributions on 52WSC.

Step Two

Start A Challenge

Everyone has different goals when they start to save. You decide how you want this challenge to work for you. Create a challenge that fits your unique financial vision, taking into account how much you’re willing and able to put aside each week.

Step Three

Activate Your Challenge

You’ve started a challenge. Great! Now, make it active with your first deposit.

Step Four (Weeks 1-52)

Make your weekly contributions

Its a weekly challenge that manages the little amount of money we spend and make something valuable out of it. Any amount you start with, is a multiple of that amount each week. For instance, when you start with Ghc1,.........week one will be Ghc1, week 2 = Ghc2, week 3 = Ghc3 all through to Ghc52 because we have 52 weeks in a year.
Example 2..... when you start with Ghc2 Week one, Ghc2, week 2 = Ghc4, week 3 = Ghc6 all through to Ghc104 to achieve your target of Ghc2756. Same concept applies to any amount you choose to start with. Type the amount you want to start with into the calculator to know your end product.

Step Five (Week 52)

End Your Challenge

You stuck to the parameters you set for yourself 52 weeks ago. It wasn’t easy, but you did it. Feels good, doesn’t it? End your challenge by withdrawing your savings. Buy that new device, get your partner that awesome gift or just spoil yourself like you deserve. We go again next year!

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