Privacy & Policy

1. Your Info and How We Use It

For account creation and communication, we collect your phone number. Additionally, we may gather biographical data for Know Your Customer (KYC) purposes, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Your information is used for managing your account, complying with KYC regulations, and communicating essential updates to you.

2. Beneficiary Information

We collect details about your chosen beneficiaries to ensure benefits reach the right people if needed. This information is securely stored and only accessed for the purpose of fulfilling your wishes in case of unforeseen circumstances.

3. Web Analytics

To enhance our services, we use third-party analytics services to measure web traffic and user behavior. These tools help us understand how people use our platform without accessing your personal details.

4. Security Measures

We prioritize your security. While we implement industry-standard measures to safeguard your information, please be aware that no online method is 100% foolproof.

5. Your Approval

By using our platform, you consent to us using your information as described here, including the collection of biographical data for KYC purposes and the use of third-party analytics.

6. Changes to Privacy Policy

If we update this privacy policy, we'll keep you in the loop. If you continue using our platform after changes, it means you're comfortable with them. For any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at or +233 246 980 794